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the Association of Graduates and Friends of Agricultural School in Chrudim

According to surviving documents, activities of the association already started in 1864, just two years after the founding of the agricultural school. It was founded , as it is written, "to hardworking and talented students of poor parents were able to study after that the association pays tuition partially or completely, providing help for sickness, affixes school supplies, provide support for field trips and provides contributions to nutrition ". The activities of the association was banned after the year 1948. The association of graduates was restored in 1992. The General Meeting, held on 13th of October, 2007 (anniversary, 145 years of school ) adopted an amendment to the league title . The new name is the Association of Graduates and Friends of Agricultural School in Chrudim. In this step, the association wants to open to cooperation with the general public .

Member of the Association of Graduates might become:

  • agricultural graduate school in Chrudim
  • school staff
  • anyone who sympathizes with the school

The Secondary School of Agriculture in Chrudim was established in 1862. It is one of the oldest schools in the Czech Republic and has a very long tradition of secondary agricultural education. This type of school is highly adaptable to social changes and also The Higher Professional School is the result of such adaptability.